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Mxii is an international artist of technical performances who creates various/diverse concepts
linking BasketBall and Dance in visual improvisation and structured.
( Artistic and Technical Improvisation with one or more Basketballs..while the Music plays and it appears as a Dance ).
Over a thousand of shows in the entire world.
Several thousands of fans and millions of views on the internet.
He presents his art in various big events worldwide.
Coming from the Paris region, he became passionate about basketball at the age of 14.
After 11 years of playing basketball at a high level, being involved in streetball and Hip-Hop dance, Mxii stops his career as an athlete and dedicate himself entirely to art of Freestyling

It’s by posting his training videos on the internet that he was spotted in 2011. He did his fist show at Lille in the north of France. Lille’s video takes him to anothershow, the «snowball» effect starts and it never stopped to turn around the planet…
From the 4 corners of France, then from Europe, passing through Africa, across the United States and all the way to Asia…
Mxii intervenes on social-cultural projects such as Music Expo Paris, 100 Contest, in international schools, Hip Hop Birthday (93), at the International Institute German Goethe, at UNESCO Paris, for the Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between France and China…
( Non-exhaustive list)
In different sporting events to perform at the half-time show of the National Games, the French Cup, the half time shows during the games of the National Team France who were silver medalists at the 2012 Olympic Games, as well as at the World Cup of BasketBall 2014 in Spain and the Half-time show of the Summer League VBL in Los Angeles…
( Non-exhaustive list)
Mxii is intervening in different humanitarian and solidarity events
( Telethon,Events in favour of the homeless and handicaped persons in
France. For Haiti, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Chad)
( non-exhaustive list)
His personality as well as his performances are also respected and
acclaimed by the French and International musical artists. So, he collaborates in diffrents music videos for TV and on the stages (official DJ of
Pharrell Williams, G-Unit Group of 50 Cent…), Show for the brands ( Adidas,
Nikon, New Era, Wati B…), On stage making a «guest appearance» during
«one-man-shows», show in NightClubs ( VIP ROOM Paris, REBUS Germany,
Select Toulouse …)
( Non-exhaustive list)

“This experiences have given me more insight and a different vision for my shows. It has challenged me to develop a new and more original spectacle.” – Mxii

As of today, Mxii continues to produce himself on countless stages as he amazes multiple generations, cultures and ethnicities around the globe with his unique freestyling skills and rejuvenating smile.
The nationals and internationals medias talks about him and invite him very often…
CCTV, TV5 Monde, CANAL + Group ,Le Parisien, France Télévisions Group, BeIN SPORTS, VL Radio, NRJ12, TAKE OVER, Trash Talk, MCE, W.P.G.C 95.5, Africa n°1, RTI 1, Fréquence 2, TuneLife, L’Echo…
( Non-exhaustive list).
Mxii evolves and continues to do shows around the world…
His motto is:

“Always Higher, Always Farther.”

( – Biography – J. MORGAN. journalist. )