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« Mxii in China » Video diffused on Canal + Channel CSTAR
Interview for ” Le”
China :
Video Filming « Mxii in China » throughout China
China Beijing :
Show on the « Chinese New Year Traditional» Event
Show Music Video « Pull Up Selecta » – Nuttea
Half-Time Show for the France Championship of BasketBall
Various private parties


France RADIOS: Interview on idFM Enghien Radio
France WEBSITE NEWS: Interview/Video Show for ” Le”(biggest newspaper in France)
France NEWSPAPERS: Interview in the newspaper ” Le Parisien 95″
France TELEVISIONS: Release of the video ” Mxii Los Angeles ” on the News Channel ” CNEWS” from the Canal + Group on T.V
Paris: 1st Time in the World Show LIVE with the VR Technology – Camera 360° immersive experience
France NEWSPAPERS: Interview-Article “L’Echo – Le Régional”
France NEWSPAPERS: Interview-Article “la Gazette du Val d’Oise”
U.S.A Los Angeles: Half-Time Show of NBA Stars Game at Venice for the “Venice Beach League”
France RADIOS: Interview Webradio ( Zedrick Show )
Saint-Ouen l’Aumône: Show at the MIX UP BasketBall Event. (To the homeless profits)
France RADIOS/FILMED: Interview & Show in the prog “Sporting Club” on Radio VL ( video live)
CLOTHING BRAND: Announcement of the new Brand of Mxii coming soon called “M Twelve”
TOWN NEWS-WEBSITE: Article from the “Town of Cergy” “Mxii Story, a young person who had grows up at Cergy”
Risoul (French Alps): Show at the “Grotte Du Yéti”
Various private parties

2016 :

Paris: Show at the UNESCO
Paris: Show for the American School
France/Belgium MAGAZINE: Performance/Appearance in “TuneLife magazine”
Belgium: Show/Filming at Liege for the “D.S Meeting”
Versailles: Show and speech to motivate the young players of the “Paris American BasketBall Camp”
France MAGAZINES: Interview for “Trash Talk”
London: Photo-Shoot “Performer from the street of London”
Switzerland: Filming – Short Movie “Mxii Evolution”
London: Video communication “Mxii in London”
London: Mxii New Era London Demonstration
Various private parties


London: Performances Piccadilly Circus , Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace
MUSIC VIDEO: Performance/Appearance « All United Project »
Carroz d’Araches: Show for the children of the works council of the “R.A.T.P” (Transport Society)
France ADVERTISING FILMS: “All United Project Mxii”
Courneuve: Show for the “SoulFood” Festival
Tessancourt sur Aubette: Shows and demonstration in preview showing of the concept “6th Element” from the future spectacle of Mxii
MUSIC VIDEO: “Funky Town” of the “Happy Family”
France MAGAZINES: Interview for “Trash Talk”
France RADIOS/FILMED: Interview on the “Radio VL Paris”. Mxii interviewed with the french actor Medi Sadoun in special guests
Africa TELEVISIONS: Show on the TV Studio “C’Midi” on the National Channel of Ivory Coast RTI 1
Africa: Show at the “Goethe” German International Institut
Africa-RADIOS/FILMED: Radio Interview on “Fréquence 2” ( the number one radio in Ivory Coast )
Africa-RADIOS: Radio Interview on “Radio Treichville”
Africa-RADIOS: Radio Interview on “Zenith FM”
Africa-MAGAZINES/FILMED: Radio Interview on “Infos de Babi”
Africa: Show during the radio program “Live Hip Hop Express” ( in live on internet) presented by MC Claver on “Fréquence 2”
Africa-Cocody: Mxii do the show on the solidarity event “Star of the Heart” organised by Soli’Ciproque
Africa-Abidjan: Mxii teached introduction of Freestyle BasketBall for the children of the OBC BasketBall Club
Paris: Mxii Participate at the event “World for Tchad” with Mokobe (french famous singer) at the Bataclan
Various private parties

2014 :

Germany: ADVERTISING FILM – German Clothing Brand
Germany: Mxii did the show for children of the school “Karls Gymnasium Stuttgart”
Paris: Show at the VIP ROOM for the special party for the France Team of BasketBall
Spain: Series of show for the World Cup of BasketBall à Madrid
France TELEVISIONS: The Mxii Show for the World Cup of BasketBall in live on the national channel 2 (France), BEIN SPORT and CANAL + SPORT
U.S.A TELEVISIONS: Mxii on Queens T.V show
U.S.A MAGAZINES: Mxii interview in TAKE OVER
USA- New York, Manhattan, The Queens: Performance/Appearance Video “Everybody Loves Mxii” by Mali Mar
USA Baltimore: Show on the Spirit of Baltimore Yacht
Switzerland: Show for the birthday of DJ Idem, DJ number 1 in Switzerland
Germany: Exclusive Show for the NBA PARTY REBUS CLUB
Paris: Show for the Quarter Time and for the Half-Time at the France Championship of BasketBall Pro A – Paris Levallois VS Cholet Basket
Various private parties


Pontoise: Show for the half-time of the match for the season opening of the Team National 1 of Cergy
Saint-Denis: Show for the birthday of “The Hip-Hop”
Paris: Mxii for a guest show on the scene of the theater “Le Temple”- One man show of Lenny Harvey (french famous humorist)
Domont: Show at the BasketBall match of “Giving Back” (non-profit organisation) for the GALA to collect donations (Haiti)
France TELEVISIONS: Freestyle BasketBall Show in live on MCE (French National T.V Channel) in Web Real TV “24H of LIVE non-stop”
Bagneux: Show at the “Feast of non-profit organisation” to support “Soli’Ciproque” (Ivory Coast)
Cergy: Show for the opening of the new BasketBall stadium at “Touleuses”
U.S.A: Mxii do the show at the school White Oak Elementary in Maryland
U.S.A: Show at Washington D.C
U.S.A RADIOS: Mxii on the radio W.P.G.C 95.5 ( National Radio)
Toulouse: Show for the birthday of DJ Snatch with Dj Abdel, Jmi Sissoko, K-reen…
Vitry sur Seine: Event “Maliberté” to collect donations for Mali with Mokobe, Matt Houston. Exceptional Show of Mxii on Ice
SOLIDARITY: Mxii is ambassador of the non-profit organisation Soli’Ciproque who working on the developpment of the culture and art for children of Ivory Coast and France
Various private parties


SPONSORING: Collaboration between New Era Brand and Mxii
France TELEVISIONS: Performance/Appearance on the T.V program “Star Academy” on NRJ12 ( French National T.V Channel)
France/Africa RADIOS: Mxii interviewed on the radio “Africa n°1” and invited at the Embassy of Ivory Coast
Bagneux: Mxii do a support-show for the non-profit organisation “Soli’Ciproque” for the construction of Children’s reception centers in Ivory Coast
Sannois: Show for the 20th Anniversary of the E.M.B (Famous Concert Hall)
Neuville: Mxii is mobilized and makes a show for the Telethon
Cachan: The HIP HOP Arena 2012. Mxii, Medine, TFL, YaWaY, Jmi Sissoko, L.E.C.K, Awa Imani, Host-R, STOS…
La Defense: Mxii win the Nikon 1 Performance competition of Paris
Strasbourg: Show to reveals the new Adidas Collection 2013
T.V MUSIC VIDEO: Performance/Appearance “Boombadeing” – Mokobe, Youssoupha, Dry, Orelsan, LECK(Famous French Rappers)
L’Isle Adam: Show at Vegas Club with Dj Whoo Kid ( Official DJ of 50 cent) & Tony Yayo ( G- Unit )
T.V MUSIC VIDEO: Performance/Appearance “WatiBigAli” – Sexion D’Assaut, Big Ali, Dry, Dadju…(Famous French Rappers)
Paris: Mxii do the show at Trocadero
Villejuif: Show for the Summer Festival
Issy Les Moulineaux: Show at Basketball match organised of “Lead by Example” ( non-profit organisation) collect donation for Haïti
Paris: Mxii do the show at the “stade Pierre de Coubertin” for the “Mondial Festival Giving Back 2012”
Saint Ouen L’aumone: Mix Up Basket 4Th Edition Event
Paris: Show at “l’Alhambra” (Famous theater) for “Joke & Dunk 2” Event
Bourg en Bresse: Shows for match of BasketBall for France National Women Team preparing the Olympic Games
Andrezieux-Boutheon: Shows for match of BasketBall for France National Women Team preparing the Olympic Games
Lyon: Shows for match of BasketBall for France National Women Team preparing the Olympic Games
Meulan en Yvelines: Show for the “Plein Feu” Festival
St. Ouen l’Aumone: Show for the “Christo Rugby” – Adapted Sport
FRANCE RADIOS/FILMED INTERNET LIVE: Interviews on 4 radios (Local Radios)
FRANCE NEWSPAPERS: 2 Articles in Newspaper “Gazette du Val d’Oise” (National Newspaper)
Paris: Show for the reveals of the new Album “L’apogée” of Sexion D’Assaut (French Famous Rappers Group)
Vaureal: Show for the ” Night of Urban Culture” Event
Paris: Start’Talent Competition (final)
Paris: Start’Talent Competition (semi final)
Levallois: Start’Talent Competition (selection)
Vaureal: Show for “Greetings from the Mayor for the New Year”
Sannois: Show for the half-time of match of BasketBall for the France Team Young
Cergy: Show for the half-time of match of BasketBall for the National Team “ECOP”
Cergy: Show for the event “100 contest”
Paris Portes de Versailles: Show for the event “Music Expo”
Paris Bercy: Show for the national music festival “Feast of the Music”
Various private parties


Lille: Show at the BasketBall Tournament Wazm’Street